Can anyone recommend some good fly fishing guides in Key West?

I come over from the UK to to the Keys every year at the end of April, but in the past I have saved my fly fishing only exploits to Montuak and other destinations, and have used my visit to the Keys as a mixed fishing holiday.

Have fished regularly with a number of the light tackle guides out of the City Marina, but this year, I want to make the trip a fly only (save for just an odd day) holiday.

Will be coming over on the 25th April and have booked our first 6 days fishing up in Jupiter with Scott Hamilton, so am all set up there, but will be driving down to Key West on the 2nd May, and looking for guides for the following six days.

As it is Tarpon season, i guess a lot of the top guides will already be booked up, so if I can get a few recommendations, I might be able to arrange a full 6 days, split between who ever.

I remember my first ever visit, which was spoilt by the guide i booked, and with a number of years experience of the area now behind me, albeit, with great light tackle guides such as Damon Santelli, Chris Garcia, Manny Ravelo,and others, I don't want to fall into the trap of booking fly fishing guides without strong recommendations, as it is along way to come, only to have your fishing goofed up by a less than enthusiastic guide. Therefore, any help you guys can give me on this score, will be very much appreciated.

Best regards,
Brian G