February 13, 2009


The Treasure Coast was greeted to some fantastic warm weather this past week and it appears that we can enjoy similar weather in the coming days ahead. Winds have been light one day and blowing the next, but inshore fishing has continued to be improving with each sunny day. Water temperatures are climbing and the fish are coming in shallow on the flats. Hopefully, this is the coming of spring weather and those nasty cold fronts will be milder in the weeks ahead.

I was on the water several days this past week and found the fish in the mood to eat. The full moon had a little affect on the daytime bite, but overall, the fishing has been great out there. We have continued to start the days in deeper water and finding a variety of fish hanging in five to ten feet of water. Tom Hull was back down from Melbourne and after finding a number of nice trout in the deep cuts, he got slammed by a gag grouper that refused to come up from its lair on the bottom. With some coaxing, he finally got it to come up to release it for another day.

Moving onto some of the vast grass flats later in the day, we found numerous snook, redfish and trout laying in less than a foot of water. Most were just in the mood to get warm that day, but it is a good sign of the fishing that lies ahead. We managed some good bites under the docks and landed one hungry snook. DOA jerk baits and TerrorEyz kept us busy this week with trout. Rootbeer is the color that has worked best for us lately. We have found trout from Round Island down towards the power lines. Fish three to five feet of water and you should be able to find a limit of trout this week.

Around the docks, channel edges and bridges you can find sheephead, black drum and snapper. Live or dead shrimp are the choice baits. The water continues to stay clear in most areas and where you can find the warmest water, you can find the fish as well. Snook fishing was good during the full moon period at night this month around the bridges and inlet. Look for fishing to be good this next week as the sun warms up the water and the fish will become more active on the flats. Beach anglers are still enjoying good catches of bluefish, whiting and pompano along the surf. Sand fleas, shrimp and silver spoons will usually get you some action in these areas.

Tip of the Week:

Safe boating is everyone's responsibility. It is amazing at the number of boaters on the water that seem to have no indication of knowing the Rules of the Road. I am sure most of you have encounter one of those on the water and just shake your head in wonder. There are pamphlets and literature available to give anyone the basics in boating. The Coast Guard Auxiliary offers safe boating classes. There are even a number of online courses that you can find through myfwc.com. I appreciate Ed Killer for putting weekly safe boating tips online and in the St Lucie News. With the amount of boaters on the water, especially on weekends, keep yourself and everyone around you safer by knowing and using the Rules of the Road.

As always, remember, fishing is not just another hobby....it's an ADVENTURE!!

Good Fishing and Be Safe,
Captain Charlie Conner

email: captaincharlie@fishtalescharter.com


Nice days on the water along the Treasure Coast this week....

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