I build handmade commercial pinfish traps that have produced awesome results. I have never seen a trap fill up as these traps do and there are several captains around that have used the trap and can vouch for the results. Simply put, this trap outperforms any trap that I have personally used or seen. Even during the winter I was able to catch pinfish when few were able to. I am currently building three trap sizes. The first trap (Offshore Model)has two inlets and measures approximately 18" L, 13"W and 11" H and a "Commercial Model" version that has 4 inlets and measures approximately 24" L, 13"W and 11"H and the smallest trap Inshore model is 14"L x 13"W x 11"H. The traps are made from 16 gauge "Aquamesh"galvanized welded wire and handmade to last. Traps have worked best for me with 1-2 lbs of cut in half sardines or cigar minnows dropped directly into the trap and left out the night before a trip on or near grassy bottom. Commercial model will hold up to approximately 15-18 dozen pinfish, Offshore size trap will hold up to approximately 50-75 pinfish. Commercial trap $70, Offshore sized $45, Inshore Model $30.00. E-mail pinfishtrap@gmail.com FedEx shipping is available. With gas prices the way they are, shipping is a great way to get the trap delivered to your door. Shipping to a business address is cheaper. Please e-mail with a full shipping address and phone number for a quote to include shipping and the box.
Aquamesh® is the only wire fabric in the world specifically designed and perfected for marine use. By using only Aquamesh, the quality of traps consistently exceeds expectations.Delivering superior strength and durability, Aquamesh becomes a natural first choice for ocean use--an environment extremely rough on materials and equipment.