Call for Charter Anglers and Captains to Participate in a Fishing Choice Study

The National Marine Fisheries Service is seeking participants for an upcoming study of fishing choices made by charter boat anglers.

WHAT: You will participate in a 90 minute discussion with 7-9 other anglers, led by a moderator. If you qualify and participate, then you will be provided with refreshments and $100 on the evening of the discussion.

• March 11, 2009 in Palm Beach, Florida
• March 12, 2009 in the Miami/Ft. Lauderdale area, Florida

• Charter boat anglers who have chartered a vessel in the past two years for saltwater fishing in the U.S. southeast (Atlantic or Gulf)
• Charter boat captains

If you or others you know are interested in participating, please contact Chris Doyle to see if you qualify for this important study and for additional details. Chris may be reached at