My name is Rusty and I'll be on vacation to the Port Charlotte area the last week of June and the first week of July. We'll be staying at a relatives house on the Gulf side of 41. I'm looking for information on where I can fish. I'll be fishing from land - so canals, estuary areas, private lots, vacant lots, etc. are my goal. The economy didn't wipe out my vacation, but I can't afford boat charters or deep sea trips this time. I'm hoping I can find some folks that have deep wide canals behind their houses that will give me permission to fish from their property. I'm ready to go door-to-door asking permission if I need to.
I also want to get info on what I should be using to catch fish there in your area. I often fish with jigs, crankbaits and live bait, and fish for walleye and crappie here in Ohio. I'm excited about the new soft swim baits that Berkley has put out (5 inch swim shad), and I hope to try those also in both fresh and salt water areas.
I've never been to the Port Charlotte area before, and getting to talk to many aboy about where, and lines and baits will be a big help.
I look forward to the members expertise on helping a visiting Ohioan catch lots of fish, and hopefully, have a fish dinner everyday I'm there. I'l try anything I catch !! If it swims ...I want to catch it ....
Thanx in advance. I look forward sharing info with you.
Ohio Rusty ><(((0>