March 19, 2009


The Treasure Coast has come alive on the flats with trout, snook and redfish along with many other species to be caught. The wind was a small factor this week and a few days were tough to get out on the water, but overall.....good weather and great fishing. Spring has finally arrived! The water continues to warm up and so are the fish.

Trout fishing has been good on the flats south of Fort Pierce. Turner and Frank Mullins both caught nice trout in the shallow flats. Young Turner had his hands full as he caught and landed a four foot bonnet head shark that day. Mark, Tony and Bob were back in Fort Pierce again this year and we found the trout biting just as the winds were picking up strong this week. Two to four feet of water has been a good depth with live shrimp or DOA CAL jerk baits working well to get the bites. Snook fishing has improved along with the water temperatures. Bob Altieri ended up their day fishing with a leaping snook that was just a little short on the slot size. Night fishing for snook has been good with mostly shorts being taken. Live shrimp or DOA TerrorEyz have been our best baits for catching snook. Redfish are on the flats and you can expect the bite to pick up now.

The inlet and jetties have continued to hold lots of bluefish and Spanish mackerel. Live shrimp, shiny spoons or diamond jigs should get your rod bending. Some flounder are still being taken off the south jetty in Fort Pierce. The surf has been difficult to fish lately, but whiting, pompano and bluefish are cruising the beach for those anglers. Bridges and docks are holding sheephead, snapper and black drum. It's a great time of year to fish the Indian River.

Tip of the Week:
Fishing Etiquette 101

Fishing in Florida is the most popular outdoor adventure. More and more anglers take to the water each week. You can see many more boats on the river and ocean than past years, especially on weekends and holidays. Fishing etiquette is essential to having fun on the water for every one. It takes just a little common sense to make everyone’s day much more enjoyable.

You hear complaints from both inshore and offshore anglers about a few of the boaters who have little regards to others. Luckily, that’s a rare few and most anglers share the same thoughts of showing some respect on the water. We all go out on the water to have a good time and catch fish. Your fun adventure shouldn’t be at the expense of others.

Some of the common mistakes that some boaters and anglers make are:
1. Motoring close to others.
When you see boaters fishing an area, don’t speed by them too close. Give them a wide berth and not interrupt their time on the water. You will get to your spot just as fast and not create animosity with others. If you have limited space to go by others, slow down and idle by them quietly. They will appreciate it.

2. Fishing too close to others.
If you can cast your lure or bait close to another angler, you are way to close. You’ll most likely succeed in scaring the fish rather than catch them. None of us own the water and if someone is in YOUR spot, give them the courtesy and stay clear of their boat. Notice if they are drifting and fish behind or well to one side of their drift if you must.

3. Anchoring right next to another boat.
Same as fishing too close. Show some respect for others and anchor well away from others. Sometimes a wave or simply asking can make things friendly and you can both share the fun.

4. Trolling etiquette.
Many boats troll out on the ocean and it seems like if the word get out on a catch, you can find others heading to that area. Simple common sense can let a number of boats work an area without interfering with each other. Radio contact can solve problems before they occur and keep a friendly attitude with everyone. If it is crowded, move on to another fishing ground.

These are just a few things that come to mind and there are many other circumstances and situations that happen. Using just a little common sense can reduce unfriendly encounters. We have a tremendous variety of fishing habitats in our area. Share the experience, friendship and respect with others and we can all have a fantastic time on the water. Have fun and good fishing!

As always, remember, fishing is not just another's an ADVENTURE!!

Good Fishing and Be Safe,
Captain Charlie Conner



Turner and Frank Mullins with some trout they caught this week. Mark Roth with a nice trout he caught on the flats. Bob Altieri with a snook he caught around the docks.

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