May 1, 2009


April turned out to be one of the windiest months I can remember. We had some calm days, but most of the time it blew unending day after day. This week was no exception. I finally was able to get out with Mark Amorello for a fun day with a good friend. Even though the winds continued to blow, we had a good day on the water. The bait schools are thick around the river and that means lots of the predator fish are out there feeding. The coming weekend promises to be a great chance to enjoy fishing, both inshore and offshore!

Trout have remained the best fishing opportunity out there. There are plenty of grass flats that have been fishable. Two to four feet of water can find you some action. Some big trout are out there along with many schoolies. Popping corks or DOA CAL jerk baits have proved to be very successful on the flats. There will be lots of boats out there this weekend.

Most of the river was to rough to fish lately and many of the docks that I enjoy fishing were out of the question. Redfish are out there in the shallows and you can find some when it calms down. Snook fishing should be good this weekend around the inlet and docks. Live baits have worked best recently along with jigs. The fishing has been good. It has just been difficult to fish many of the favorite areas of the river. We found some big snook hiding in the sand holes out there this week.

Jack-Attack is on around the river now. Big jacks have invaded the area and you can find some tackle busters around the inlet, docks and cruising the flats. We have had some fun catches and blistering runs from some of the bigger jacks. Live bait has been working best on the big jacks. If you happen on some of them busting up the bait schools, toss a top water into the frenzy and you will most likely get hit. Bridges have been a little on the quiet side, with mostly sheep head and some black drum on the catch list. The surf has been very quiet with all the easterly winds, but there are still whiting out there for the taking.

Tip of the Week:

The manatee zone in the Fort Pierce inlet has been shifted to summer rules. That allows boaters to use the ICW channel at 30 mph during the summer months. Keep it safe as all inlets have lots of boat traffic, especially on weekends. Just because you can go fast through an inlet, doesn't always make it safe for everyone. Fun and relaxation is usually number one on most anglers list for heading off on the water. Observe boating regulations and, above all, be aware of boaters around you. Let's all have a fun, relaxing and SAFE summer on the Treasure Coast!

As always, remember, fishing is not just another's an ADVENTURE!!

Good Fishing and Be Safe,
Captain Charlie Conner



Jack Attack on the Treasure Coast!

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