May 7, 2009


This week has a significant meaning for me, since it happens that my birthday is this coming Saturday and it's one of those we refer to as the Big One.......60th. I can still remember digging up a can of worms to go on that first fishing trip with my dad, so many years ago. It has been lots of fun years fishing and I still get excited at each trip on the water. It's been great!

It's the time of the year to be out fishing. Dolphin, trout, redfish and a host of other species are out there feeding. The weather has been fantastic this week and looks like those windy months of spring have finally surrendered to summer patterns. Sure, it's gonna be hot out there, but the fishing continues to improve each day. Look for many anglers to be on the river and ocean and be patient and aware of your surroundings.

Redfish have finally got hungry and you can find them on the flats and around the docks. Charlie Hollis and his wife, Cindy, celebrated their 25th Anniversary with me this week. We caught a variety of fish, including an oversize redfish on the flats. Try a DOA TerrorEyz or CAL jerk bait around the docks. Trout, redfish and snook will all take their hits at them. Live bait will also work as well. There are some big fish cruising the flats now, so be quiet and slow moving across the flats to give yourself a chance at hooking up. It's a great time of year to use top water lures in the early mornings. Queen's Cove, Harbor Branch and the thousands of docks around the area can give you some good starting points on the river.

Trout fishing has been the best of the year lately. Snook fishing has been getting better. With the full moon, you can bet a lot of anglers will be out in search of that slot size fish. Snook season closes at the end of May, so get out soon if you want to keep a slot fish. You can find lots of bait schools around the river. Fish around the edges of the bait and you can never tell what might be lurking in the shadows. It's a wonderful time of year to be on the water fishing......

Tip of the Week:

Ok, so this week I am nostalgic and reminiscent.... Looking back on the many years of fishing, I cherish each moment on the water. Spend some time teaching the youngsters the art and experience of fishing. It's not just learning how to cast a rod, bait a hook or tie a knot, it about spending time together, passing down fish tales and creating memories that last a lifetime. I am working with my three year old granddaughter and soon her little one year old brother to share those kinds of moments on the water. There are great organizations out there if you are looking to get involved, like Teen Anglers. Make fishing something special for someone soon!

As always, remember, fishing is not just another's an ADVENTURE!!

Good Fishing and Be Safe,
Captain Charlie Conner



Charlie Hollis with this 28" redfish. A relaxing day on the water with my wife, Eva.

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