It’s Still A Good Time to Catch a Slam

I still say it’s a good time to catch a slam. I haven’t accomplished it yet but I have caught all the species need - just not on the same trip. Spring patterns with plenty of bait fish continue to be the norm. If you find the bait you will probably find a predator willing to cooperate. Below is a nice Banana River trout caught by Ed Schneider on a RipTide 3 inch mullet.

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Later Ed added a nice redfish on live shrimp. Add in the ladyfish and jacks and Ed had a great day of fishing. The color choice of the day was the RipTide Silver Mullet - it beat the other colors hands down. Ed was rigging a Pro Jig Head with the 3 inch mullet for most of his catches. The red is pictured below:


Ed is hooked up!


A quick photo op!


Off he goes to fight again!

Although we did not get the slam on this day I did add a Banana River Snook a couple days later. She wasn't that big, but plenty of fun on light tackle. You can see that RipTide Pro Jig Head in its mouth - the fish just inhaled it. Like I said above, it’s still a good time for a slam. Just get out there and give it a try.

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That's what it's all about. Good fishin'.

Capt. Ron Presley