I'm back on the East Coast and yesterday I got a chance to fish on "Bow Down" with Capt. Willie and Benny from South Africa. We started the day by catching a couple dozen goggle eyes and the plan was to use them to fish deep for cobia and mutton snapper. With west winds and a weak current we had trouble finding bites, but we did come tight on 4 fish throughout the morning. The sharks were a problem for us, taking 2 and a half of our fish(including a keeper mutton), but they left a big Amberjack alone for enough time to let Benny reel it to the boat. It was Benny's biggest fish to date, and he had a blast feeling the brute strength of one of these "reef donkeys". Here is the link to the video from the morning:


Here is a pic of Benny with the AJ:

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