When the Kids Grow Up the Fish Will Too

Try your best when fishing with kids to have them catch something. In my book puffers and catfish count too! As long as the fish are biting and the kids are catching, they remain interested. Plan your trip in short time frames to begin with to find out how much your kids will tolerate without getting burned out. If the bite is slow take a break on a nearby island or shoreline area and let them explore a little. You want to make every trip a fun trip if at all possible.

I know, in the real world the fish don’t bite every time, but if you bring along some shrimp you are likely to catch something. I think that is the key to getting the kids hooked on fishing. It doesn’t take anymore than a nice little pinfish to make a kid happy.

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Keep it simple. Live shrimp or cut bait presented under a bobber is a great way to introduce kids to fishing. There is no doubt about when the fish bites, and there is a certain thrill to seeing that bobber go down. I always use circle hooks and instruct the angler to just start reeling when they see the bobber go under. This also makes release easier as the fish is likely to be hooked in the corner of the mouth.

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Talk to the kids about conservation and catch and release fishing. They normally think they want to take everything they catch home with them so take time to explain why you might put some of the fish back to grow up and fight again. There’s nothing wrong with taking some fish for dinner, but it doesn’t have to be everything. Even the flounder pictured below was willingly released by the happy angler. He realized the real fun was in the catching

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There’s no way of knowing what you might catch next, so the key is keeping the kids interested and sooner or later they will catch some quality fish. The point is, it doesn’t have to be on every trip. Just take them with the idea of having fun and the catching will take care of itself. As the kids grow up the fish will too!

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That’s what it’s all about. Good fishin’.

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