The month of June has seen some good bass fishing action on both Butler Chain and Johns Lake.
Johns Lake has been good in the early morning with some good schooling action in the cut, as well as some in mid lake areas where hydrilla is present. Water levels are great out here with all the rains we have been getting, which in turn has made one of my favorite patterns very successful, and the is dock fishing! Skipping Gitem K.O’s under docks, as well as Bitsy Jigs have produced some good action as well as some good bass. As the heat of the day comes down on us, 10 inch worms worked in deeper waters, where grass and or hydrilla are present have kept the action steady.
Butler Chain has held pretty steady for us for the month of June. Again dock fishing has been a strong pattern for us, with a few days where the bass have seemed to disappear on us, we have found them deep in the slop. Under docks has been the Gitem K.O’s and Warlocks, when the bass have moved off the docks on us, we have tossed the Gitem Shad or Curly 7’s to the back of the grass or lily pads, and slowly swam it back out to get some good blow-ups and some solid hook ups.
We have had some days with a very light bite, you had to really keep an eye on your line and watch it, as some bass were just picking up our baits and slowly swimming them right back to us, we have made a slight adjustment to this, we added JJs Dippin Dye to our boat, and let me tell you, we had a day where the bite was soft, and we dipped the baits and got slammed!! This stuff really worked great for us, you can find a link for them on my home page in the Bass Fishing News box.
July we are expecting more of the same, early morning bite should still be productive with live bait or artificial bait. Even though we are in full swing of summer, with it getting pretty hot, the bass have still been playing pretty good for us, and once again as in years past, it seems the bigger bass have still wanted to show their faces in the heat of the day, all this requires is placing the bait in the right spot, which is generally tight to the cover, under the docks, or in the slop!
Capt Tim Fey

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Capt Tim Fey
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