August 27, 2009


We have enjoyed some great weather this week. Afternoon rain has continued around the Treasure Coast, but mornings have provided good conditions for fishing. The wind picked up most days, but that has been a blessing to temper down the heat. It has been fun being on the water.

I had a very special charter this week. Seven year old, Justice Rodriguez, with his mom, Eufrasia and Grandma Lil joined me and my wife, Eva for a boat ride on the river. Justice had never been on a boat before and this was an honor for me to show him around the river. Justice was diagnosed with Autism when he was 15 months old. With the love and help from many people, Justice enjoys a lot of activities and has made great strides since those early days when he was first diagnosed. It was a fun day out on the water. Justice was excited about being in a boat for the first time. It was evident by his smile when we first got up on plane. We ran around the river and even let him practice fishing for a while. When he comes back to Florida again, we will make a fishing trip for sure. As soon as we got back, he decided that he wanted to go to boating school next.

Redfish are up on the flats in the shallow water. I found schools up to twenty strong and many lurking along the mangroves this week. The water was pretty clean. Fish around the schools of mullet. I found a number of reds that were cruising along with the mullet. DOA CAL jerk baits or grub tails are good choices in root beer colors. Move slowly and keep quiet or you will scare them off before you realize. I spent some time just drifting and there were some swimming around the boat that never knew I was there.

Trout fishing on the grass flats will be best in the early part of the day. Fish two to five feet of water and you should find some nice trout out there. Live shrimp or Deadly Combos are the best way to get some action. Top water at first light can also get you hooked up. Snapper continue to be plentiful around the river. Most of the nicer size are around the channel edges and bridges of the river. I found a dinner size flounder hanging around one of the docks that couldn't resist a DOA TerrorEyz.

Snook season opens Tuesday. It's a good time to check your license and snook permit to make sure they are current. Remember that fishing from land now requires you to have a license and snook permit as well. It's one of those times of year that taking the chance isn't worth the fines involved. The jetties and docks will be the best choice for hooking a slot snook along with the inlet area. Live bait, TerrorEyz or feather jigs are all good ways to get started. If the spillways are still running, you can bet it will be crowded next week.

Tip of the Week:

This week, I am letting Justice's mom tell you about his adventure on the water this week. It was a pleasure for me to see his smile and joy on his first boat ride.

"This was Justice's first fishing trip. Captain Charlie let him feel right at home. First by providing him with a life jacket, and then by showing him the beautiful Florida seascapes. He was able to see fish jumping out of the water. He especially loved feeling the wind in his hair as we cruised around on the boat. Fishing was an additional treat. Even though he didn't catch anything Captain Charlie kept him enthralled with the casting and the quick, quick, slow of reeling the line back in. I think that Justice believed he caught the little shrimp on the line he was using for bait.

If you have an autistic child and would like to trying fishing, Justice 4 Autism highly recommends Captain Charlie's Fish Tale Charters. It is not a huge party fishing boat which can be overwhelming for a child on the spectrum. Also you will have a personal experience that is sure to please every fisherman."

As always, remember, fishing is not just another's an ADVENTURE!!

Good Fishing and Be Safe,
Captain Charlie Conner



Justice on his adventure and a couple of this weeks catches.

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