September 11, 2009


The annual fall mullet run has officially began around the Treasure Coast. Eager anglers have been hitting the inlets, beaches and river in anticipation of catching one of the big fish that will be feeding on the finger mullet. Tarpon, snook, jacks and many other species will be cruising along the beaches or cornering bait around the inlet and seawalls. It's a fantastic time of year!

Our week consisted of drifting the trout flats and skirting the many rain storms. Lots of rain this week has come early in the day, but you can fish north or south of the systems as they get blown in from the east. The result has been a great trout bite for the clients this week. Jim, Jim Jr. and John had lots of fun with the trout and snapper. Sandy, Lindy and Debbie just as much fun drifting the flats and catching trout after trout. Most were in the 15 - 22 inch range and they did lose a few bigger fish. If you just want to get out and have some fun catching a lot of fish.....head out to some of the trout flats. Live shrimp, pigfish and the Deadly Combo provided them with an action packed day on the water. The usual trout flats up and down the river have provided us with hours of fun!

The nighttime snook bite has been incredible in talking to some of the snook anglers this week. With all the mullet coming into the river, the snook are crashing bait all through the inlet. The hardest part of fishing for them has been finding spots that aren't overcrowded with people. Top water, diving plugs and feather jigs along with live bait have kept anglers busy on the moving tides. Redfish schools are still active on the flats, but with the higher tides this week it has been harder to spot them in the shallows.

Lots of snapper are still being caught on the bridges and channel edges of the river. Live or dead shrimp are working very well. Beaches will be very active, but right now the seaweed has been hindering the anglers. Look for the action on the flats to take off as the schools of finger mullet fill the river and bring in the predators. It's a fantastic time of year!

Tip of the Week:

We have done a lot of trout fishing the past couple weeks. An easy way to find the trout is to drift the flats. Anchoring will restrict the area you are fishing and the trout may be feeding just beyond your cast. I always start upwind of the area that I intend to fish. It's been a slow drift lately and that gives you a much greater area to fish. If you start catching trout, then anchor up and fish it more thoroughly. Sandy, Lindy and Debbie all found this out as we were drifting and all of a sudden all three ladies were on fish at the same time. Drifting in a zig-zag pattern can cover an entire flat and give you the greatest opportunity of catching fish. Drift with the wind or tide, angle back to start another drift above or below your last drift. It works!

As always, remember, fishing is not just another's an ADVENTURE!!

Good Fishing and Be Safe,
Captain Charlie Conner



Trout for dinner!

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