Marine Villains - Beware

My last report dealt with a crab trap cleanup in Mosquito Lagoon. What I did not report at the time was a puncture wound I experienced during the event. As it turns out I have not been on the water for weeks and probably won’t be for a few more. I decided to take this opportunity to warn others of the dangerous bacteria and venom that exists in the water and the need to take any injury very seriously.

As luck would have it I stepped on a piece of an old crab trap and punctured my heel. There was no blood, no pain and I thought no need to be alarmed. I was so wrong. The event was on Saturday and I had a regular checkup appointment with my doctor on Monday. He viewed the wound and put me on antibiotics and asked if I had my tetanus shot lately (which I had). I went through the regiment of antibiotics and everything seemed to be fine. Then, my foot swelled and got more painful. When I called my doctor back he did not hesitate. “You need to see a specialist,” he said.

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The real problem comes from the many nasty bacteria that reside in our saltwater rivers, bays and lagoons. Any open cut is sufficient to let the critters in and cause severe pain and suffering.

What started out as nothing tuned into something that was very serious. Minor surgery and intense treating of the wound followed. Before I managed to beat the infection I went through lots of antibiotics and plenty of gauze and bandages. Not to mention weeks without fishing. My experience taught me that these bad guys are plentiful, armed and dangerous. Fisherman and other water related recreationist must be aware and treat these marine villains as the menace they really are.

It could be as simple as being hooked by your own lure, finned by a catfish, barbed by a stingray or stepping on something like I did. What ever the reason - TAKE IT SERIOUSLY AND SEEK MEDICAL ADVICE. If your injury turns out to be nothing that’s great, but if it does need medical attention, the sooner you get help the better.

New Book

Announcement: I want to take this opportunity to announce my upcoming book entitled Secrets From Florida’s Master Anglers. It is a book intended to provide many tips and pro secrets to fishing success. It is based on interviews with 20 of Florida’s top guides on various fishing topics. The book is being published by University Press of Florida. It will be available in bookstore across the state, on or from the publisher directly, sometime this fall. Regardless of your level of fishing skill this book will have something for you.

Here is what some early readers of the book say:

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If you are interested in the book send me your name and mailing address and I will send you a pre-publication order form that is good until October and you get a 20% discount. Send to Capt. Ron, 516 S. Plumosa St., #19 Merritt Island, FL 32952.

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