Wednesday I was out on Butler Chain with Ryan. We had started the morning out using shiners on Butler, catching some good quality bass in 6 to 8 foot of water, with drop off close by. Once the sun got up and really started cooking, we moved into Lake Chase and tossing Tequila Green Zoom worms into grass beds picking up some very good numbers.
Bass were basically mouthing the baits and swimming off, so you really had to watch your line. I Did manage a few on a Rattle Trap before we called it a day. The previous week Capt Rowels covered my trips for me out on Butler Chain, as I had suffered a blown motor. So I resorted to picking up my clients in the morning and taking them to the ramp, and picking them back up at the end of the day. Everyone was very happy, catching between 16 and 20 bass a trip, with a 7 pounder and a 9 pounder being caught.
I’ll be back on Butler on Saturday and then Toho on Sunday.

Capt Tim Fey
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Capt Tim Fey
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