We are a centrifugal mold caster...yea..yea...yea..I know your tired of hearing about it...

We have articles written about our Mar A Boo Bobber Jig in Crappie World Magazine for over 8 years.

We also now own the molds to the Famous Chippewa Charlie -
the hottest Jig in the water (ask any of the fish we've caught and we've caught over 500 in just four outings so far this year-BELIEVE IT OR NOT - I don't care I'm having a blast!)

We've put together a couple of "Six Packs" that make a great gift to some one you know or your favorite tackle box.

On the jigs we highly recommend using a couple of "magnets" (maggots) per hook and the bobber they were designed for (included); however these jigs work with or without bobber or bait.

Instructions for optimal results are included with the product.

$6.00 (US) includes postage per item.

Until Father's Day we will include a couple of our brand new
Jiggin' Fin Spoons ($4.00 retail) that you definitely want to keep for yourself! Unbelievable- how's 60 fish in 45 minutes? -sound to good to be true? That's why they're $4.00 for two!!!!

Contact through FFF or any of the ways listed on Business card below.



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