Cabin fever, needing to fish, but wind does not cooperate

Finally, I have recovered from by crab trap wound enough that the doctor said I could go fishing. It’s been two months off the water and I am ready to go. Only one problem - the weather. The wind has blown and blown and blown. Every scheduled trip has been short-circuited by the constant wind.

Since I have not been able to fish because of the wind I thought I would share a few tips about fishing in the wind. With the wind blowing like it has been lately I am not likely to head out on a fishing trip. However, sometimes you are already out when the wind begins to blow and then you need to make the most of it.

Of course the obvious solution is to find cover behind a causeway or other structure large enough to dampen the force of the wind. If that is not available you might be able to find a creek or canal that offers some protection from the wind.

If no protection is available you just have to use best techniques to make the best of it. Always position the boat so you can cast with the wind. Sometimes that can actually be an advantage by giving you longer casts and the ability to cover more water.

Maybe the most important thing you can do to improve your fishing in windy conditions occurs before your get on the water. If it’s windy you must avoid high arching casts. If your casting style results in the high arching cast you have to realize that by the time the baits touches the water the wind is blowing all that excess line away from the bait. You loose contact with the bait and if you get a strike you will set the hook on nothing but loose line.

To prevent this arching condition you must make more of a line drive cast by loading the rod and letting it do the work for you. This is something you can practice when you’re not fishing. Then, when you are on the water and the wind raises its ugly head you are prepared to compete against it. This practice should include loading the rod properly, but also closing the bail before the lure hits the water. This simple technique will result in the momentum of the lure pulling the slack from the line and giving you direct connection with the lure and any fish willing to bite.

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