Hey everyone. My name is Robb Line and I am cofounder of Snap Tail Lures. My dad and I started up our soft plastic company a little over a year ago and we are introducing our new worm at The Florida Sportsman boat and fishing show this weekend in Orlando. We are based out of Oklahoma and have had anglers that have been using our product with great success. I have been doing great, fishing shaky head style but I have had some customers drop shotting it and carolina rigging it. You can check out our product at www.snaptaillures.com I am hoping to have a few more product lines out by next spring. You can kind of call us the mad scientist in the fact that we are trying to introduce product that works but is different than some of the other products that are out there. Feel free to email me about our products. When you call us you will either talk to my trusty answering machine, or myself. I have enjoyed my stay so far in the great state of Florida and I hope to get to meet some of you at the show. On my web site you can order single bags of my product or I have a combo kit that is pretty reasonable for soft plastics. You will have to pull up quick time to run our video. Once again thanks and maybe I will see you at the show. As we say in Oklahoma Se Ya All Later grin

Robb Line