The first half of November we spent a lot of time on Lake Toho doing some scouting and checking out lake conditions. There is a lot of matting out here and if you hit the right ones, you can catch some good numbers and size out here right now. Water temps are finally down, in the upper 60’s on the days we hit this great lake.
A few of the days we hit Lake Toho the winds were up some, so we focused on areas where we had a push coming thru cuts in the matting, and the bass were there and played pretty good for us. We had a good spinner bait bite going on as well as a wacky rig bite.
Open water areas that were holding bass produced pretty good with the Steel Shad as well as the spinner bait. Silver steel shad and a 1 ounce spinner bait seemed to be the most productive lures for us and bass seemed to be pretty aggressive when they hit these lures.
Northern end of the lake seemed to be the most productive area, with a few coming out of Gobblets Cove and a few scattered from the southern end.
Lake Cypress also seemed to be a good option, as we made a few runs down there and always managed to catch bass down there, with very little pressure on the days we were there, I think we may have seen 4 other boats there on the days we made the run.
Check back often as we will be adding more to this report for the last half of the month, with several trips coming up for lake toho. Also be sure to check out the bass fishing videos, as 2 more have been added from Lake Toho.
Capt Tim Fey
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Capt Tim Fey
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