Redfish In New Smyrna Beach Area
Capt. Drew Cavanaugh

Mosquito Lagoon - New Smyrna Beach/Daytona

November 23rd, 2009 - Mosquito Lagoon Fishing Report

The past few days here in east central Florida the weather on the Mosquito & Indian River Lagoons have been just outstanding! Awesome to be a matter of fact. Water temps are just hanging in there and the air temp is right there in the passenger side for the beautiful ride. For a while there we had extremely high winds day after day and now this, just perfect. Looks as if this should be around for quite sometime now too. Maybe a stray shower or two but nothing to fear. You will not get any complaints from me for sure. With this being said the past several trips in the previous weeks have been outstanding. Dealing with a slight chill for an hour or so in the morning then a great day from there. Definitely a great time of year to be here in Florida for fishing the flats.
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Redfish have been a major target for me and my clients. Several nice trout have mixed in as well. The redfish have been very active in the early morning hours and staying this way throughout the entire day on the water. Several reds between the 20 - 35 inch range are the norm. As long as the sky works with you you should have no problems finding them. Staying in shallow water is the key for redfish and the bigger gator trout. Just be a little patient and take your time searching the areas you are fishing, basically let it soak in to you. Remember they are the masters of their waters, they are great at sneaking up on you and catching you off guard. As always work as much as you can with the sun at your back and in their eyes. This I find can be one of the biggest tactically advantages you will have. Another key thing is a great pair of polarized glasses...I use a pair of copper lens for myself. Tailing redfish have been worked all over the lagoon. Whether it is along shore lines or open bodies of water they seem to be in groups...Maybe a prelude to winter schools? It looks as if this may be so. Figure out their direction of feeding and target your cast accordingly. Remember they get flighty easily, so don't cast directly on top of them. Singles and swimmers will be seen very easily in the rising sun moving across grass beds and sand flats as well.

One of the key baits this past few weeks have been a top water plug. I use the Skitter Walk and a Chug Bug. Usually a mullet pattern of some sort. The bite with them on some days can be just perfect, specially on the overcast mornings for the low light feeding of the trout.(Just remember trout is closed so handle them cautiously) Work the white holes and grass flats for very productive action as well as covering the banks and drop offs. Live mullet this time of year is always a supreme go to bait. Redfish have, as well as the trout too, been slaying them. There is nothing like that sound the attacking fish makes popping at the mullet at the surface, it would make for a good ring tone if you ask me. Most days the D.O.A. Nite Glow Shrimp was the big boy of the baits. The fish were most definitely onto it. Worked in front of the fish at a medium pace to get their attention and the fish will do the rest. A good thing that will never hurt is to always try something new. The one thing that might happen is you find a new area or discover a trick that works well...Only a bit of time that is all.

As always I look forward to seeing you on the water. Tight lines and bent rods!

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