Lake Toho Bass Fishing
The first part of December started out great on Lake Toho. Three days of bass fishing with Paul Fisler and HM1 Shane Gilley proved to be eventful and a lot of fun. These guys were catching bass at a good pace every morning, with steel shad leading the way. These bass were in tune in a big way with the shad. The early bite was definitely key to every day, as once the schooling action cooled off, we found ourselves doing some moving around to catch bass. The south end of Lake Toho proved to be the best action.
Paul started Day one out, showing me his new spinner bait from, and on the first cast of the day got the hook up. After that we spent the majority of the time catching bass with the shad. We had one main area that we fished every morning with great success, bass played very good and kept the action steady every day. Once this action died off, we moved around working Gene Larew craws catching bass scattered across the southern end of lake toho. Tried some senko type baits but got no action with them, and managed only one follow on a Gambler Flappin Shad. Despite higher winds on Wednesday, we still caught bass scattered on toho, using steel shad, with Shane basically just trolling one behind the boat. For the most part, the bite with soft plastics with a very light one, as Shane’s big bass just picked up the bait and swam towards the boat with it before he realized he had something on the line.
JJ’s Dippin Dye was a big help on the boat as well, with the light bite, I honestly believe this product made a difference, as the first few bass that hit, let go fast that is until we started dipping our baits. Great product, and you only need to dip your plastic once, as this penetrates the plastic and trust me on this, it stays and works!
Capt Tim fey
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Capt Tim Fey
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