Just got back from Venezuela, fishing for peacock bass, used my Nikon D-200 and somehow didn't lose it in the water, wading around barefoot with piranha and freshwater stingrays. We fished the country's biggest bass tourney on a huge reservoir, placing 11th out of 70 boats. (We were the only gringos). That was followed by a huge dinner and awards ceremony, babes and fishermen's wives, fireworks, 3 cows cooked for the barbecue. Next day we headed for the Columbian border, and camped out on the Cinaruco River, sleeping in hammocks. We caught many peacocks up to 12 pounds while wade-fishing. And from boats. It was great action. The only time to fish there is November through March, maybe April. Then the rains return and the river floods. Anyway, my photos are in 5 folders on my web site. They can be viewed at:

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