January 8, 2010

Br-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r.....The new year certainly started off cold! Freezing temperatures this past week have kept all but the brave anglers off the water. I thought that maybe they moved Florida and forgot to tell us. I hope that I won't be giving an ice fishing report next week... I will be glad to see August..... Most anglers are heading out later in the morning. That is a fantastic idea in these conditions. We did manage to get out a couple days just before the worst of the cold arrived along the Treasure Coast.

Keith, Cai, Turner and Frank were out with me again. Even with the winds, we caught fish and the boys each had fun with bluefish and ladyfish. Larry Shaw braved cold weather and winds to find a great black drum and sheephead bite going off. He caught fish after fish while trying to keep our hands from freezing. Lots of big sheephead are all over the river, especially around the docks of the river. Some trout were being taken on the flats as trout season officially opened on the 1st. The cold water will hamper the bite somewhat for now. Fish deeper water for your best chances. The snook bite has also slowed down. I heard several reports of large numbers of fish dying around the area and it most likely will get worse as the cold weather continues into the weekend. It's gonna be a long winter this year.

Tip of the Week:

The water is colder than normal right now. I got reports of lots of temperatures in the 50's and even one in the 40's around the river. Fish deep cuts, channels and docks for best opportunities. Fish slowly, as fish will be lethargic and slow to feed. Don't expect the greatest bite this time of year. Fish are cold and more intent on warming than feeding. You might see lots of big fish in shallow water on sunny days. They usually are just sunning themselves. Fish for different species. Sheephead and black drum are usually active this time of year and it can produce lots of fish. I love to use a DOA TerrorEyz this time of year. Fish it slowly along the bottom or under the docks and you will have good results. Remember.....slowly!

Remember, fishing is not just another hobby....it's an ADVENTURE!

Good Fishing and Be Safe!
Captain Charlie Conner

Cool weather fishing on the Treasure Coast.

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