Hey Guys,

I'm new to this sight and new to fishing in general. A buddy of mine took me out fishing this past summer and slowly but surely I have gotten hooked. I find it's a great stress reliever and allows my mind to wander.

Anyway, I have been looking for tournaments, along with a few of my buddies, to go to. I appreciate any suggestions that anyone can offer. As I was surfing the net I found a tournament hosted by one of my favorite Captains, Sig Hansen of the Discovery Channels 'Deadliest Catch'

Check out http://www.fvnorthwestern.com/. This is Sig's official site and he just recently announced that he will be hosting The Fish n' Chips Showdown in the Bahamas from May 11th-May16th 2010. This combination of vacation, poker, and fishing has a $250,000 cash purse. I read through the site and it seems legit.

The website for the actual site is www.thefishandchips.com.

Again I appreciate anyones feedback and recommendation you can offer.