There is a company that really has made a great live scoring program for fishing tournaments. The company name is and they have created a real time scoring solution that is being used by many tournaments in the Florida Keys, Carribean, Mexico. The great thing about their program is that it is web-based which allows anyone in the world with Internet access the ability to be go directly to the scoring page and know whats going on minute by minute during the tournament. Many teams are also able to access the results from their I-phones, Blackberrys, or from their wireless laptops onboard. The socing site is also great because it has a great layout and I find myself spending a lot of time clicking around it to view the team profiles and fish caught. I especially like the ability to view from the 1st fish caught instead of just knowing the top 10. Their ability to score the IGFA Offshore World Championship and the World Sailfish Championship. Check out their scoring solution because if you are on a tournament board, I highly recommend using their system. They are scoring the Capt. Bob Lewis Billfish Challenge going on today.