March 5, 2010

This ol' boy is sure tired of all the cold and windy weather this winter. I would love to enjoy a few days in the 80's! We have managed a few days out on the water this week. The rest of the week has been blown out and cold. Mother Nature just doesn't want to let Spring arrive on the Treasure Coast. Fishing has been great in spite of all these conditions.

Dennis McNeer and son, Garth, were out with me on a very windy day. The guys caught loads of sheephead and jacks from under the docks. It was just too windy to try anywhere else that day. Paul Hannum and 7 year old son, Jack, were out with me on one of the few beautiful days lately. Jack enjoyed his birthday present and caught more fish than he could keep count of. After lots of jacks and sheephead, we headed up on the flats to look for a few redfish. We were rewarded with a school of about 25 - 30 redfish. Jacks first cast ended up with his very first redfish....a fat 28" beauty. He caught three more in short order while dad caught one as well. It was a great week of fishing!

Trout are still hitting DOA CAL jerk baits and shad tails. You can also get them to his slow sinking hard baits. Redfish are a little nervous in the shallows, but if you keep a stealthy mode and keep your distance you can find some great action in a couple feet of water. DOA shrimp and CAL grub tails work great this time of year. Live shrimp around the docks can keep the jacks and sheephead hitting for hours. The river is still loaded with them right now.

Bridges have been steady with sheephead and a few black drum. The bluefish are all over the river, especially in the inlet areas. Shiny lures can get them hungry. Tackle shops are selling out of silver spoons this time of year. Mackerel are around the jetties and along the beach. Pompano are scattered in the river and along the surf. It a fantastic time of year in the river as long as the winds allow you to get to some of the hot spots. Bear Point, Harbor Branch and Round Island have all been good along with the many docks around the river. We should have a nice weekend to get out fishing.

Tip of the Week:

Don't forget to use plenty of sunscreen this time of year. Not only can the sun give you a good burn, but the winds can add to the problem. It takes just a minute or two to protect yourself from the suns rays. Lots and lots of brands out there, but get one that is waterproof and a good SPF rating. A little TLC can save yourself from skin problems down the road. Keep safe out there!

Remember, fishing is not just another's an ADVENTURE!

Good Fishing and Be Safe!
Captain Charlie Conner

Seven year old Jack Hannum with two of his four redfish this week on the Indian River.

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