Hi to everyone in Florida. Hope fishing is good for you over there! Fishing for trout here in Galveston has been a little slow due to the high winds we have been having. We are having our consistent WINDY March and April! I usually complain about the wind in my reports every Spring, but I have gotten so use to it that there is no need to anymore. LOL! My brother Capt. Steven and I have started running our Spring Break and Family Fun Trips during these months to avoid having to cancel so many trout trips. It has been good for our customers and for us. These trips can be really fun for the kids or for anglers that want to catch bigger fish. We will start running some trout only trips in the next few weeks. Overall fishing the Jetties has been really productive for us over the past two weeks. (excluding the windy days) We are still catching redfish, sheep head, puppy drum and oversized drum on these trips. We are using live crab for bait for the drum, but they are hard to come by because of the high demand right now. You can also use white squid or live crawfish to catch these oversized drum. The trout are starting to show up more and more as the water continually warms. The trout should start to school up soon and that will produce better and more consistent numbers. The bays are also full of healthy redfish. I have been catching a lot of 17-19 inch redfish on my trips with a few keepers mixed in. The lower Galveston Bay System including West Bay is holding a lot of these same redfish. When the wind starts to subside in the next few weeks, (hopefully) I look for the trout reports to be better. We will be fishing some different areas this next week and fishing for speckled trout, so check back in two weeks! Until next time, see you on the water.

Capt. Alan