300 2nd Ave N.E. Slip Q38 St. Petersburg Fl 33701

If you want an experience of a life time out on the water you will want to board our 240 Bay Scout (Shei-Shei). Leaving The Pier of St. Petersburg. You will enjoy all that the Florida West coast has to offer. Choose to fish the flats or the deep blue. Using fishing lures or live bait you can reel in a myriad of species from Red Fish to Tuna. .

Fishing Florida's West Coast reefs, wrecks, hard bottom, ledges, weed lines and flats from inches to 250 plus feet.

Also Chartering Tampa Bay for Tarpon May 1 – July 31

Haze "N" Ship's professional and patient fishing staff will ensure a productive and fun filled day on the waters of Tampa Bay-St. Petersburg & The Gulf of Mexico

You can visit us on the web at http://www.hazenship.com for more information.