May 7, 2010


Summer weather patterns have arrived on the Treasure Coast. Great mornings rewarded us with some fantastic fishing opportunities around the Indian River. It was a short spring, but who can complain after the winter we endured. I will certainly take the heat over the cold....anyday!

I was out helping out for the Teen Angler championship tournament the past Sunday. We always have a great time and the kids make it a worthwhile volunteering cause. I had Ariel Vance on my boat and was impressed with how his fishing skills have improved since his first trip I had with him. Fishing was tougher on most species, but Ariel caught two trout to give him second place in the tournament. Congrats Ariel and to all the Teen Anglers this year!

I managed a couple hours of scouting the river later this week and was joined by Gary, Steve and Sarah for an afternoon of fun fishing on the grass flats. They found a variety of fish biting including a few very nice trout for dinner. I found snook and redfish hanging around the docks south of Fort Pierce. On the grass flats, find the bait schools and the trout will be nearby. On the docks, I used a DOA shrimp in the new Arkansas Glow color. It's a great color. Both redfish, trout and snook will devour it. We used the Deadly Combo and live shrimp on the flats for mid-day trout fishing and had good success out there. Harbor Branch, Queen's Cove and the west shore south of Fort Pierce have all been good for trout. Mark Amorello reported having good success with a MirroDine around some of the Fort Pierce docks this week. Bernie emailed me a report of catching an early morning slam at Harbor Branch on top water lures recently. It's been great fishing weather out there!

Bridge fishing has been slower lately, but you can still catch sheephead and a few bluefish on the catwalks. Mackerel are around the river and inlet area and the big jacks are cruising all over the river now. What might look like a school of mullet could very well be some 6-8 pound jacks or larger. Might not be a good fish to eat, but they will sure give a great battle on light tackle. There is bait all around the river now and if you fish the bait school, you can find the predators hanging nearby. I always love fishing in May on the Treasure Coast.

Tip of the Week:

If you haven't noticed lately, there are lots of new signs being placed all over the river marking the slow, idle and manatee zones. There are not any new zones around the area, but the old ones are being marked well. It might be fair warning to obey all signs when traveling around the river. They aren't being placed for no reason and you can expect that enforcement will happen. Ignorance is generally not an acceptable reason for not complying with regulations. Be safe and have a great summer out on the water!

Remember, fishing is not just another's an ADVENTURE!

Good Fishing and Be Safe!
Captain Charlie Conner

Some of this weeks action on the river:

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