Greetings! I think I have the right location in the forum here so here I go.

I'm just getting back into fishing after about a 20+ hiatus (was a kid then). Got my 7 year old boy loving it so we are ready to go. (the bug bit me and I got the fever quick!). Anyway, I got a small fishing boat and I'm having the engine cleaned up, so right now we are shore bound.

I am looking for anywhere in the NE Florida Area (I live in Fruit Cove, Mandarin), where we can catch some EDIBLE Bream from shore. I don't know how much I want to try and eat any retention pond bream, although I have been wondering about very large ponds that are away from large communities. The boy loves to eat fish, as do I, and I know it's the easiest fish to catch but man do I love the taste, it is by far my favorite. Anyway, any tips on a good area we could go until we get the boat running? I'll drive pretty much anywhere. Thanks for any help.