May 18th, 2010 Mosquito Lagoon Fishing Guide Report

The fishing the past couple of weeks has taken off fantastically. No doubt that it is here to stay for the long haul. From here on out it will continue to just get better and better as the warm summer days approach. Next thing you know it is July. Just awesome! There is nothing better than fishing in the summer in Florida. A few tarpon have been seen here and there in the Mosquito Lagoon and Indian River which is a great sign. If these tarpon are seen in the lagoon and river they will be along the beaches in full force in not long at all.
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Redfish, trout and black drum have been on fire on the flats in the early morning on the Mosquito Lagoon and very active throughout the day as well. As long as the sun stays out and the wind and weather work with you the fishing will be very intense. The key as always is to get an early start and avoid other boats at all cost. If you see another boat flats fishing try your hardest to avoid them, they may be approaching fish in a quiet way. Again 600 to 800 feet is a good thing and not that much on the water but just enough to give your fellow angler the space they need. There is more than enough water to fish in the area, it just takes some work to find it. Use tactics such as trying new areas and you will discover new grounds to fish. You never know until you try. Stealthy approaches are important to a good days success, so take your time and pole towards fish as much as possible.
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Redfish are feeding on numerous baits. Mud minnows, live small blue crabs, live mullet, shrimp and plastics seem to work perfect. Weed less rigged DOA shrimps and CALS will produce very nice catches of redfish and trout. Black drum are perfect candidates for the fly fisherman. Use a small black crab pattern or shrimp pattern for feeding drum and hook ups should follow.

Trout are finally being caught in fairly good numbers which is a really good sign after this winter. Top water plugs are always fun for these apex predators and there is nothing like seeing the explosion of this hit on the water. Search drop offs and sand bars for smaller trout and search the backcountry flats and pot holes for the bigger trout that will be secluded. As with all of the fish you catch please handle them with extreme care for the perfect picture and even better release. Also with water levels low use caution for your navigation.

Captain Drew Cavanaugh
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