about time i found this forum. iv been using texas fishing forum for years and its been great, now that im in florida i hope this form will be the same.

have 4 rods that are 6'6" and i had them paired with the penn 30's and fin-nor 50's that i have listed on here. no idear on the specs of these rods.
2 are all roller guides, 2 have roller stripper and roller tip. they are definatly older and one or 2 of the rollers might be lightly stuck and need some oil since they have not been used for a while.
i would say they could handle 30-80 line.
$25 each
old penn senator 6/0 and penn 309 level wind, these reels are older but work fine. have had them for years and used maybe 3-4 times at the most per year.
$35 for the 6/0
and $20 for the 309
older penn international 30 and fin-nor light 50. two of each. the penn 30's were restored to good working order about 6 years ago and have maybe been used 10 times since then, for the most part they have been hanging in my garage.
the finors are the same, were restored to good working order 6 years ago and used less than the penns.
$130 each for the penn's
$100 each for the fin-nors

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