The past two weeks has seen some good bass fishing out on the Butler Chain. The two main lakes that I have spent most of the time on have been Lake Sheen and Lake Pocket, they have not only been producing some good numbers but some descent sized bass on a pretty regular basis. With the water temperatures on the rise, the bass have gone full swing into their summer pattern, with the early mornings still getting some top water action, before having to really slow down your approach to catching the bass. Most of my recent trips have been using soft plastics, either wacky rigged Gitem K.O’s or 7 inch worms rigged with a Spot Sticker or Spot Remover worked in and around grass beds with deep water drop offs close by. The more quality bass have come with the deeper water drop offs close by, with a few good bass in the 4 to 5 pound class coming on a drop shot.

Two week period ended with Anthony having a good time on Butler, mixing it up between wacky rig K.O’s and some top water action, catching some good bass on top water and he was amazed at how well the bass fought him, and how strong they were, thinking he had a 5 to 6 pounder on, but when he landed her she was just over 3 pounds. We had to work hard for our catch that day, but Anthony caught some good bass and even mustered up some top water action in the heat of the day.

The chain as a whole, has not had the typical schooling action like we had last year, but the top water bite has still been there in the early AM and late afternoon. For soft plastics, watermelon and watermelon red have been the dominate colors.
Till my next report, tight lines and great fishing!
Capt Tim Fey
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Capt Tim Fey
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