July 2, 2010


With all the heat in summer upon us, it's not been too bad out there if you get out early to beat the afternoon sun. This week has been one of those special weeks for me as I had two of my favorite young anglers back in town for vacation. Keith, Cai, Turner and Frank were back on vacation and we headed out to fish and have some fun out on the water. Most days provided us with just enough breeze to keep the worst of the suns heat away.

We found ourselves fishing both north and south of Fort Pierce, but had our best luck to the south on both sides of the river. The trout bite was fair this week and we had our best bite in four to five feet of water. After catching some nice trout earlier in the week, young Frank topped everyone with a big 24.5" gator trout using a live pigfish on a DOA popping cork. Not to be outdone, older brother, Turner, teamed up with his brother to catch some nice sheephead, a nice flounder and a 22" snook. We had lots of fun out there and some nice fish to add to the excitement of the day. It was a joy to see the kids out fishing hard and catching fish!

The docks along Indian River Drive have been productive lately. We finally had a calm enough day to enjoy the fishing down south of Fort Pierce. Bear Point remains active with lots of bait and the fish are there feeding. Harbor Branch also has lots of bait holding on those flats. Frank caught his big trout just off the edges of the flats. Find some deeper docks and you can find the fish. As the day heats up, look around the docks for some good fishing action. Try the power lines down by the power plant as the day warms up. Lots of fish will take up under the pilings this time of year.

The bridges have been quiet, but you can find snapper, sheephead and jacks around there. The jetties have held jacks and mackerel lately. Look for whiting to be in the surf. Snook fishing at night continues to be productive this time of year. It might be hot....but its a great time of year to fish!

Tip of the Week:

Just as you plan on what tackle, rods, reels and baits to take when you are fishing. This time of year it's just as important to remember to pack plenty of water, ice, sun lotion and sunglasses. Keeping hydrated and using lots of sun lotion can prevent lots of problems at the end of the day. Make sure everyone on your boat is using sun lotion several times during the day and drinking lots of liquids. Sunstroke or sunburn isn't the way anyone wants to end their day on the water. It's important and the right thing to do!

Remember, fishing is not just another hobby....it's an ADVENTURE!

Good Fishing and Be Safe!
Captain Charlie Conner


Frank and Turner Mullins on their fishing vacation on the Indian River this week. Frank caught a 24 1/2 inch trout to top off his week and Turner a 22" snook for his fishing adventure.

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