Just throwing out a friendly hello from Team Baitrun.

Baitrun is a new idea in fishing apparel that represent the “real fishermen”. the people that love to have a line in the water before the sun is close to coming up. the chance to reel in a trophy even if no one sees it. being in tune with your surroundings even if it means leaving the boat behind. the few that take pride in their rigging and plan on staying out all day and talking about it all night – then doing it again.

we chose the bait side of fishing because it represents the beginning. our designs are hand drawn from the “either you’re in or you’re out” black and white attitude of fishing. we’re not scared to have some fun, go places no one has gone before, or get the boat dirty. we never forget our responsibilities of caring for the environment, and respecting the wildlife, that gives us what we love.

If you have a free moment, swing by the site and say hello. Baitrun.com
We're also on facebook and will update regularly on fishing and contests.

Thanks and good luck fishing!