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Chad's QiaoXinKe Javo n Ochocinco Chad Johnson (formerly Javon in 1978 and January 9) was born in Miami, Florida, graduated from the university of Oregon state in 2001 NBA draft NFL to the second round the 36th overall draft Cincinnati tigers.
Obama was QiaoXinKe five star Bowl Bowl, 3 times Pro season all-nba first team elected. The 2008 season he passed laws allow will QiaoXinKe's surname Johnson was renamed to reflect on the Bengal tiger team shirt number (from Spanish, QiaoXinKe named for 85). Only by law constitutes a word name, so he will have these two words fold into a word, become "Ochcinco", his plan has changed.
Cincinnati tiger team in 2001 NBA draft NFL second article 36 in Chad Johnson best-case scenario.
In 2001-2005 season
As a rookie, Johnson's debut season very low-key, 28 times catch 329 code and 1 ball touchdowns. 2003 season, he created tiger team history records of the season total 1355 yards of ball. In 2004, he finished 94 catch 1274 yards and nine ball touchdowns, including 58:48 over Cleveland brown team obtained when the 117 yards. The 2005 season, he will catch 1432 yards to record, this period he had four consecutive seasons in the American league season yards ranked first in the ball, 2003-2007 season he was five consecutive seasons Bowl Pro career Bowl.

4. the career life of Wide Receiver chad from Cincinnati Bengals --- 2
The 2006 season
April 20th, 2006, with Johnson signed a contract until 2011 super.
The first half of the 2006 season, Johnson, he hardly any technical statistics sharply, the last eight games, he only 2 volleys touchdowns and 483 yards, however, ball yards after a adjustments, he changed his mind, in the next game against the San Diego chargers, he has accumulated for 260 yards of ball code number and two touchdowns, a week after beating New Orleans saints made the game, he made the catcher 190yd yards and three touchdowns, two back-to-backs accumulative 450 yards, breaking the ball yards after the team outside San Francisco 49 people take John? Taylor in 1989, the obtained results, become the code 448 NFL new records. After a week in the game and he made 129 code, a total of three consecutive games ball broke yards from the NFL AFL - since the merger.

In the 2006 season, Johnson has 1369 yards and seven touchdowns, he became the first tiger team in the league history to catch the code number of the player ranked first. He and his teammates Houshmanzadeh also became the first pair of tiger's history and 10 yards above the transcript.

In addition to becoming the most efficient NFL, he is also the most popular in the crowd of the 2006 season, professional bowl fans vote, Chad is all external got the most votes in general, also in the fourth player, won a total of 987650 ticket. He won the national attention, including his "outstanding" personality, and get the ball in the notorious celebrations in 2006, the top 10 big Fox personality, Johnson ranked first in the player.