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The 2007 season

The new season opener Monday night, against Baltimore crow, Johnson won the first game and scored from the quarterback Carson? Palmer's a ball of 39 for in Chad, after a similar thing hall of famer clothes said: "I don't 20 years of fame?" Johnson in game 5 times of code and a ball 95, and then the second week in 51:45 over Cleveland brown, he scored 11 times catch and two touchdowns 209, which made him the total catch got 7229 yards, broke the tiger ace history isak player? Secco's record. Next, he again against Seattle haiying scored nine times the ball, then 138 yards against the chains victory over the New York jet game, he got the ball three times and 102 ran a 15 yards.

In the first nine weeks against buffalo bill, entering the fourth quarter, Johnson to pick up a passing injured, and was rushed to hospital, a report said his brain damage, the game he won 48 yards, for example, but unexpectedly push his recovery, look after he didn't miss a game.

Over the next two games he played in general, he didn't get a touchdowns, no one game over 86 yards on November 25, win the game, Tennessee Titan, he scored a career-high 12 times, and there are 103 yards ball and three touchdowns, which makes him for six seasons have 10 yards above results, it also makes him beyond Carl? Pixar's history to become number of catch tiger record holder.

Article 15 weeks, his teammates for the second consecutive year Houshmandzadeh and got 10 yards yards in the ball to San Francisco, 49 people's game, he made four ball 132 code and two touchdowns, the season total made 93 times and the eight ball 1440 yards of array.

His 1440 yards distance propulsion became the new record tiger team, surpassing his own in the 2005 season 1432 keep records of the code, it is his third break the tiger's history records, the achievements in when the season, 93 ranked third ranked first catch for 12, catch in the 15. This year he was again in lieu of professional bowl, the so-called "injury" of the New England patriots outside over randy? Holmes. While his teammates TJ Hoshmandzadeh also entered the Pro Bowl.