Me and 3 of my friends will be visiting Daytona Florida in January. We'll have a rental car and a strong desire to catch as many different species of fish as possible. So this is what we propose. We are looking for a "local" guide to help us out because we know nobody knows where the fish are quite like a local. 30$ just for taking us to a spot. 5$ per desired fish we catch, so for example 4 redear sunfish gets you 30$ just for helping us and 20$ for each of us catching one 50$ for very little effort. Below are the types of fish we desire to catch if you think you can help we'd be more than happy to pay you. Let me know!

Shoal bass
Spotted Bass
Blue Catfish ,White Catfish, Flathead Catfish
Florida Gar, Longnose Gar, Alligator Gar, Spotted Gar
Redear Sunfish
Spotted Sunfish
White Bass
Any type of sucker
Pacu or any other invasive species like snakehead.

Let us know!