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100 L.E.D.s Fishing Lite

NEW affordable 100 LED fishing lite
2.0 amp draw 600 Lumens $56.95

in addition to 50 LED & 75 LED lites

No ballast resistor
15' Heavy duty cord
8 1/2 Compact Design
Internal weighted
Life span bulbs 17 years, 50,000 hours
No Ultraviolet or Infrared rays
Environment safe
Not effected by heat or cold
No Heat, cool to touch
Durabilty, can take fair abuse
1 year Limited Warranty

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Submitted by: alslabber

Got out to my spot at 10pm
fished until the sun came up all in
all not bad night.
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Submitted by: strmwalker
i used the light over the weekend, really impressed with the
amount of area the glow covered underwater. would get bite
almost every time dropped jig down around light. i will take camera
with me next time.

I have had great luck using the LED light, as a matter of fact if you
were to come to johnson creek on the weekend you will see my
neighbors are using the lights as well. I just slip it into the water
just before the daylight is gone and turn it on. it puts out a pretty
wide circle of light and draws the fish in. I catch more fish than the
guys not using it......I like it so much I now have 3 of them....and
with the low drain on the battery all 3 light on all night I still have
battery life at the end of the night.
set it about 3 foot deep dropped down
at side of boat. was pretty bright on opposite side of boat. tons of
got light and bob was great to deal with very fast responses.