Friday my old tournament partner and I hit Butler Chain for a few hours, one to get him out on the water, and two so I could experiment with some new lures. We had started the day out on Lake Louise working a Buzzrbait from Secret Weapon Lures . This lure worked great thru the water and made a ton of commotion and after 5 casts I had the first blow up and what I thought was a solid hook up. Working the bass to the boat, she suddenly let go of the bait, what would have been a nice 5 pound catch, turned into a 5 pound heart break, she apparently had grabbed the small willow leaf blade that was attached to the Buzzr. A few casts later and another crushing blow up, a solid 3 pounder was in the boat.

From there we made a move into Lake Pocket, working the spinner baits from Secret Weapon Lures, and Gitem K.O’s wacky rigged. Switching up blade combinations on the spinner bait from a double willow to a double Colorado blade landed two more very solid bass, along with several others being boated off the wacky rig set up. These spinner baits made life so much easier, not having to always retie a new one on, just having to change the blades out, which was done in a matter of seconds. Bass seemed to relate once again to grass beds with deep water drop offs close by, and after getting a hook up, the were running to the drop offs. Lily pads were holding some bass of good size, as we had one in the 6 to 7 pound class break off just on the edge of the pads. Swimming a lizard slowly across the pads seemed to get the most hits.

Waters were running in the mid 80’s when we pulled off and did notice the levels have come up some, not much, but a good sign. Bass were holding in 5 to 8 foot of water and hit very aggressive, which made for a great day on the water, with us boating 12 bass, and missing/breaking off about 6 others.

Till my next report, tight lines and great fishing!
Capt Tim Fey
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Capt Tim Fey
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