September 30, 2010

Inshore Fishing:

Windy, rainy weather continued along the Treasure Coast again this week. Tropical storms out in the ocean certainly effected our weather. October begins the transition into fall. You can feel the change in the air. The hot weather is slowly easing its grip on the area and milder temperatures will gradually make the days much more comfortable. Fall is a great time of year for fishing!

Mark Amorello was down this past week and we did get out one day to do some fishing. Lots of trout around the river have been busy feeding on live baits, DOA shrimp and CAL jerk baits. We hooked up on a couple redfish from around the mangroves and one snook to finish out the day. Everything was caught on DOA lures. Somehow we managed to skirt all the rain clouds around us.

I drove up to fish with my best friend, Capt Pat Wells, and his son, Dalton over the weekend. We fished the Banana River in Cocoa Beach. Again, lots and lots of trout out there on DOA shrimp. Once the ladyfish moved in and kept us busy for a while, we loaded up and headed to look for some redfish. It took a short time to find a tailing school of reds in four feet of water. Casting three lines loaded with chunks of ladyfish ahead of the school, we were seconds from hooking up on two reds. Dalton landed a 36" beauty while mine kept fighting. Finally, I landed my fish which measured 42" and left us with lots of memories to end the day.

You can find plenty of trout on the grass flats. Bear Point, Round Island and Harbor Branch have all produced trout for us. The CAL jerk baits and DOA shrimp continue to keep us busy on the trout. Work them slowly along the bottom and you should have plenty of action. We have found redfish on the shallow flats around mangroves. Work a DOA shrimp very slowly under the mangroves. Snook have been biting, but it has been difficult to fish the jetties most of the week. Try around the jetties, bridges and docks with TerrorEyz or live baits.

October Forecast:

As the water temperatures slowly begin to cool off, you can bet the fish will get more active. As the mullet run continues the fish will take advantage of the plentiful food sources around the river. Top water lures early can get some exciting action on the flats. Switch to CAL jerk baits on light jig heads and fish flats, docks and mangroves to find a variety of fish. Black drum and snapper can be found around the bridges and structure of the river. Trout will continue to be very active on the flats. Redfish will be in the shallows and snook can be found around the usual haunts. Get out early for the best opportunity and have fun out there on the river.

Remember, fishing is not just another's an ADVENTURE!

Good Fishing and Be Safe!
Captain Charlie Conner

This weeks action on the Indian

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