Mid October 2010
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Fishing has been picking up. Although I haven't been trolling for them, we are starting to see the sailfish come back in and this November - April is going to be great for catching billfish! Right now, we have been doing some botom fishing most mornings and getting between 10-30 nice sized Amberjacks, or as they are called in Florida, "Reef Donkeys". In the afternoons we have been using the stabilized binoculars to find schools of Yellow Fin Tuna. On our last three trips, we have found spinner dolphins feeding all three times and 2 times we caught over 10 nice sized 15-40 pounders! There have also been lots of snapper coming off the bottom, and we're getting a few on almost every trip. Today we actually went out and had a great day as well, scoring 30+Amberjacks and 10 big Yellow Fin Tunas. We were hooked up pretty much for 8 hours straight, usually with more than one fish. The customers went home today with lots dinner and muscle aches! With the new sonar installed on the boat, we now have litrally hundreds of bottom fishing spots, and if anybody is a big bottom fishing fan, or just want to spend all day hooked up, I believe we can find a great bottom fish bite pretty much all year. Great day out, and I can't wait until November gets here and I can start posting billfish pictures again!
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August 26
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Had a super exciting day offshore today and we caught an enourmous amount of fish. We started the day off fishing on the bottom and scored more than 10 Amberjacks and a couple of Snappers. By about 11 everybody had had enough reeling so we went out in search of something on top. We caught a Dorado as we were leaving the Furuno banks and then about 5 miles off the Furuno banks, we came across a floating tree. These floating "reefs" are going to be the main theme for the next couple of months. I actually just imported an expensive pair of stabilized binoculars to help us find these and when you do the results are great! We ended up pulling 5 nice wahoos out from under this tree and another 10ish Dorados! After calling the position out to the other captains in the area, we moved off the stick and had a double sailfish bite, but they were just playing with the teasers. An awesome day where we put 30 fish in the boat of quite a few different species!

Here is what a customer said about us this August:

John, Donna and I had a great time fishing with you and your guys last week. Donna's arm hurt for 3 days after pulling up those AJ's and snapper. Look forward to fishing with you guys in the future!

Robbie W
August 15
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We went out for a couple of hours today on the bottom, and had pretty good results. We usually let most of our fish go, but today is mother's day here in Costa Rica and the mates wanted some fish to cook up for mom! We probably caught about twice as many amberjacks, and spent about 2.5 hours fishing. We went back in early, but I think if we had stayed out all day we would have gotten a billfish in the afternoon. Another great day fishing in Quepos, Costa Rica!
August 6
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Sailfish, Amberjacks and Snapers are the story of August so far. Usually in August there aren't that many sailfish around, as our season in November through May. I can only imagine how good the season will be this year having so many billfish in the off season! In addition to the unusually great billfishing, the bottom has been really hot! It has made trips super interesting because we have been bottom fishing in the mornings while we collect live bait, and then have been trolling in the afternoons for billfish. It has been pretty successful, and we have been averaging at least a sailfish per day, with tons and tons of other nice fish while we fish on the bottom.We had had many days of over 20 nice fish to the boat! We have also been seeing tons and tons of little Dorado coming through. That should mean by mid October, we will start having the bulls come in and everybody knows how great Dorado season is here! We've got the spinning reels all oiled up waiting for Dorado, and we are looking for people who like to hook one and then see how many we can have on at the same time. Last year, we had five on multiple times so this year we need to have a 6 at once! It's going to be an awesome winter here, I can't wait!
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