I hope everybody had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday and didnít put on too many pounds!! I know that I personally ate WAY too much food! Iíll need to put a few extra miles on the mountain bike in the coming days...before the Christmas food starts showing up!!

The Mosquito Lagoon fishing has continued to be excellent these past few weeks. The redfish & black drum have been feeding and tailing consistently throughout the day making for some great sight fishing this past week. The water levels have been fluctuating quite a bit with these recent winds but if you get some decent weather, you will surely be able to get on fish!

The trout bite remains decent also when you locate fish, on a recent trip last week we caught (and safely released) 25 trout over a 200 yard section of sand holes along a leeward edge of shoreline. Every fish was caught on a 3Ē GULP molting shrimp. The redfish have also been easily fooled with the GULP this week. A frisky live shrimp or mullet should do the trick also for the light tackle inshore angler targeting Mosquito Lagoon redfish.

The fly fishing remains good if you are ďONĒ fish, many reds have been caught over the past few weeks on the tinsel toad, fuzzy crab merkins and the Kwan! The real trick to catching redfish in this system on fly rod is to ďcommitĒ to using the long rod! It is easy to switch off to light-tackle when conditions change or fish arenít present. If you are targeting reds on fly and search an area with little or no success for an hour or so, pick up and try another location, always keep moving looking for higher CONCENTRATIONS of fish in a particular area, this will improve yours odds greatly.

Fishing Charters this week included Larry, Tom & david, Clay & Gina and my good friend Steve O. We had a great time on the lagoon catching redfish, black drum and trout these past few trips and I look forward to fishing with them again in the future.

Call Captain Mike Bales at 352-255-8175 to book your Mosquito Lagoon fishing charter!
Or, visit us on the web at http://www.hotfishcharters.com or on Facebook Hotfish Charters Mosquito Lagoon FIshing-Guide. I hope to see you on the water soon. Remember if you get a chance, take a kid fishing, they are our future!