This past week has seen some good bass fishing action on Butler Chain.
Top water bite has been doing ok, with Lake Louise seeing the best top water action for us. Secret Weapon Lures Buzzrbait has been a good do to bait, as well as High Roller Chug Roller. Hits have been aggressive. With the consistent rains, Lake Louise has been dirtied up, waters going from clean to coffee brown.

Soft plastic bite has been doing good, with a wacky rigged Gitem K.O once again catching not only good numbers, but good size as well. Lakes Sheen, Pocket and Chase have yielded the numbers and size, up to 5 pounds for us as of late. Working grass beds and scattered docks has been the key to catching bass, as well as working your baits very slow.

Did make a run into Fish Lake, a lake which I have not been in since early January, waters back then were so low in the canal, the bottom of my boat was banging the canal bottom. Going thru the canal, which is a ΒΌ mile long, I had to use the trolling motor, holding it up just below the surface of the water to get back there, and there was a tree blocking the canal toward the end, which saw me and my partner standing in the canal, him pulling the boat, and me pushing it around the tree to get to the lake. We finally made it back there and started to work the lily pads, swimming lizards across the lily pads getting several blow ups, with him missing a hook up on the edge of the pads, with what would have been an easy 6 pounder.

Rains have held the water levels pretty steady, finally getting water back into the lakes, with water temperatures holding around 84-86 degrees by days end. Limited schooling action in Lakes Pocket, and Tibet the last few days.

Till my next report, Tight lines and great fishing!
Capt Tim Fey
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Capt Tim Fey
Pro Staff Member