Hello I'm Capt. Bear Smith with Fish'Benthic. I specialize in fishing the shallow flats and near shore waters of Florida's west coast. My base of operation is in Crystal River. That is only about an hours drive from Orlando,Tampa,and,Ocala. My goal as a charter boat Capt. and fishing guide is to catch as many fish in one day and take a few home for the table. Fish'Benthic is offering a special for 2011. In these hard economic times its hard to get out and enjoy your self on the water. So to help everyone I've dropped my prices to $265.00 for 2 people and only $25.00 for an extra person up to 4. That's less than $80.00 per person on a full boat. I still "GUARANTEE FISH" that's right "NO FISH NO PAY"

For clubs and other organization that would like to purchase multiple charters on separate dates the price will be $265.00 for 3 people and $25.00 for the extra person. That's less than $75.00 per person on a full boat. A trip will consist of 6 hours on the water with approx 4 hours of fishing time. If this is something that catches your attention please give me a call at 352 302 3664 and take a look at my web page www.commonhooker.com

Looking forward to some good times
Capt. Bear