The last couple of days in Anclote the afternoon tide has been REAL LOW! After a 1/2 day on Wednesday I picked up a friend and we went out in search of some low water spots. The first 4 or 5 spots produced 1 trout about 21 inches not a bad fish ,but not what we were looking for! Moving to a well known spot near the river I got a 27 in snook on a gulp jerk worm and saw plenty of big snook but the rest of them were not hungry! Moving to our final spot, and feeling the trip was a waste of our time we didn't feel too confident. The tide was almost out ! Moving slowly across a grass flat Jeremy hooks up, we are thinking Gator Trout , wrong, snook 29 inches, Jeremy only needs a red , still moving slowly we see the water moving towards us REDS! I see the school and then they are in front of the boat and literally dozens upon dozens I picked the biggest one and toss the gulp to him Fish on! 32 inch red Jeremy hooks up but the line snaps, we power poled down and sat there for approx an hour and a half catching reds as the tide filtered out
Total tally for the trip
Snook 2 - 1-27 1-29
Trout 2 - 1-21 ,1 -20
Reds - 32 anywhere from 18 to 32 inches
Slams -1 each
Pics coming Soon!

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