The past 2 weeks has seen some great bass fishing action on Butler Chain, and has seen 2 days, where the bass just did not want to play fairly. For the most part, the action on artificial baits has been producing not only good numbers, but good size as well.

Gitem baits K.O. has been the top producer over the last two weeks, rigged wacky and Texas, working in and along the grass beds. First part of the two weeks saw most of the action coming from Lakes Sheen, Tibet and Pocket. Grass beds and some docks produced several bass to 4.6 pounds, as we found the bass were not aggressively hitting the baits, but just picking them up and swimming towards the deeper drop offs. As the rains consistently dropped water on the lakes, they had started to muddy up, which towards the end of the two week period, saw us moving to works Lakes Down and Little Lake down.

The Bay, as well as Lakes Butler, Down and Little lake Down currently have the cleanest water on the chain, and some of the better fishing action, with some schooling action being spotted on several of them. Schooling action we have come across has usually been mid morning, from 9:30 till almost 10:30 with some good bass being caught off them.

The kids as of late have been the big bass catchers, and they have had a blast, with several of the youngsters catching bass on soft plastics and really showing some great skills, at not only casting their baits, but working them properly and setting a hook that would make a Pro proud of them.

Electronics have been a big key, as most of the good bass being caught are coming from deeper water, ranging from 9 to 23 feet deep. With the water temperatures starting the day out in the upper 80’s, deeper waters will be the big key to catching quality bass especially as the day heats up. Top water action has been very limited early in the mornings and the spinner bait bite has all but disappeared for us over the last two weeks.

Afternoon showers have been a blessing, helping maintain and slowly bringing water levels back up, just keep in mind, if you hear thunder, lightning is also there, so be safe, and hit the ramp until the storms pass. Most storms have been coming later in the day, from 2pm and on, so you can still get in a good days fishing before the storms hit.
Be safe and drink lots of water, and don’t forget the sun screen!!!

Capt Tim Fey
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Capt Tim Fey
Pro Staff Member