...I have been fishing the Interstate Canals from Naples to
Holiday Park for the past couple of months..(should have started
earlier)...and have been doing very, very good both in numbers &
on size....days of 50 to 60 keeper bass were common and best 5 would go from 25 to 30lbs (of course that is 6 AM to 9 PM)... caught most on plastics (flippin) and frogs & crankbaits and even spinnerbaits (when wind is blowing)...the only downside is the 2hr drive over & 2hr back...now the canals
are filling up and water is easing into the Glades and the bass
are following the rising water into new and fertile feeding areas
that they haven't been able to get to for the past 5 or 6 months..so the #'s & weights are going down....bummer..!!...with the thunderstorms the water will continue to rise and at some
point in time I will be able to get into the flats with some pushing & cussing and stopped up water pumps and then you 've got to come back..!!