I have been fishing around this area off and on for a few years, and have only recently started doing more on the weekends. I don't have any friends who enjoy the outdoors to the extreme I do, and I am tired of trekking out on my own.

I love hiking to my fishing spots, and also camping when I can. I don't own a boat and can take or leave fishing on one.

I have been hitting Tree Tops Park lately because there is a horse trail, which takes you to a secluded part of the pond where the LMB are nice in size. I also hit Markham park and fish the ponds along the mountain bike trails.

I fish the canals for Butterfly Peacock Bass but do not have one favorite spot for this. One pretty good spot is C.B. Smith Park, but it has never yielded anything bigger than a 2 pounder.

I would like to hook up with anyone looking to teach and learn fishing techniques, I do not care about age or athletic ability just a love for fishing and the outdoors!

If anyone is interested contact me at: mercureo@gmail.com

There is no such thing as karma when it comes to fishing. If you are catching fish don't stop until the fish stop biting!! One good day of fishing does not mean there will be another one down the road! -OM-